[PDF] Local action to mitigate the health impacts of cars: a briefing statement

Faculty of Public Health - FPH
Faculty of Public Health;Royal Society for Public Health;Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)
Publication date:
11 July 2016


The UK Faculty of Public Health (FPH) recommends a “major shift away from cars in favour of active travel: walking, cycling and public transport” in order to reduce the health harms of road transport and improve the health of the population and individuals. The general public are concerned about the negative impacts of car use on congestion and the environment as well as health. Sixty­eight percent of people make a journey of less than two miles by car at least once a week and 40% say they make a journey by car that could be done by active travel. This public health imperative and public support for change provides an opportunity for local authorities to take action. As local authorities face financial challenges this is an area which delivers a wide range of co­benefits for health, the environment, the economy and communities. This short document provides some evidence ­led practical advice for policy makers and planners in local authorities, particularly those covering urban areas and towns.