Choosing and fitting grab rails

Disabled Living Foundation - DLF
Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)
Publication date:
01 December 2014


Disabled Living factsheets

Choosing and fitting grab rails - The aim of this fact sheet is to provide information on the types of grab rails available to help with specific difficulties, and details about their useful features and positioning. Although primarily used in the bathroom and toilet, grab rails can be positioned anywhere in and around the home to provide support. Conveniently placed rails will provide help in four ways:

  • to push or pull against when standing up
  • to provide a steadying support while sitting down
  • to provide a firm grip when transferring from one position to another
  • for balance when standing, walking or dressing

These DLF factsheets provide general advice on a range of daily living equipment such as features to look for when choosing equipment, and where to get further information. Our factsheets now include live links to Living Made Easy to see the latest equipment listings. Living Made Easy contains detailed information on specific types of equipment that can help you, Living made easy.