[PDF] Social isolation, loneliness and older people

Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services
Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS)
Publication date:
25 June 2018


A draft strategy has been developed by the Scottish Government following the last Scottish Parliament's Equal Opportunities Committee Inquiry into Age and Social Isolation. The Scottish Government (2018) reports that the draft Strategy seeks to:


  • Articulate a vision of the kind of Scotland we want to see, where community connections are increased and no one is excluded from participating in society for any reason
  • Define what we understand concepts of social isolation and loneliness to be, and the degree to which they are prevalent in Scotland today
  • Highlight what we've heard so far in our process of engaging with stakeholders throughout the development of the draft Strategy
  • Set out how we want to empower communities to lead efforts to tackle social isolation and loneliness, in the context of our approach to community empowerment
  • Highlight the Government's own work in this area and clearly link this to the broader policy context in which we're operating
  • Facilitate discussion amongst organisations and individuals about what needs to be done to effectively tackle social isolation and loneliness in Scotland


This literature search was commissioned by an alliance of older people’s forums to contribute to the evidence base for their report feeding into the Scottish Government’s strategy. It is not systematic or comprehensive but instead aims to provide links to perspectives from academic research that may be less commonly present within contributions to consultations. The majority of articles are systematic reviews and literature reviews.