2010 Appropriate use criteria for cardiac computed tomography

American Heart Association
American Heart Association
Publication date:
25 October 2010


This guidance aims to update the original cardiac compted tomography (CCT) cardiac magnetic resonance appropriateness criteria published in 2006. It reflects changes in test utilisation, incorporates new clinical data, and clarifies CCT use where omissions or lack of clarity existed in the original criteria.

The document provides the following information:

  • Improvements in cardiovascular imaging technology and their application, coupled with increasing therapeutic options for cardiovascular disease, have led to an increase in cardiovascular imaging.
  • As the field of CCT continues to advance along with other imaging modalities, the healthcare community needs to understand how to best incorporate this technology into daily clinical care.
  • Inappropriate use of CCT may be potentially harmful to patients and generate unwarranted costs to the healthcare system, whereas appropriate procedures are more likely to improve patients’ clinical outcomes