[PDF] Values-based practice in diagnostic and therapeutic radiography: a training template

Society of Radiographers - SOR
Society of Radiographers (SCoR)
Publication date:
03 October 2018


This Handbook is based on the original document, Values-based Practice in Clinical Care, developed by the surgical care team of the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice in Health and Social Care; with the support of a wide range of colleagues, patients and Collaborating Centre Partners.

Training in the skills for values-based practice (VBP) has been widely adopted in primary care with counterpart initiatives in related areas such as values-based commissioning. The aim of this Handbook is to support extension of VBP to secondary and tertiary care.

This Handbook is an extension of the initial work, to encompass diagnostic and therapeutic radiography, providing profession-specific materials that can be used for VBP training. It is aimed at the education of radiographers in the application of VBP, so that they can engage in shared evidence-based decision-making with their patients, using dialogue about values