The organisation & delivery of diabetes services in the UK : a scoping exercise

National Institute for Health Research - NIHR
National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
Publication date:
30 June 2010


Diabetes is one of the most important diseases confronting the United Kingdom's (UK) health care system. Therefore, understanding how best to organise diabetes services is vital area if the health system is going to cope with the expansion in both the demand for and cost of diabetes care.   This scoping exercise will aim to provide an overview of current developments in the organisation and delivery of diabetes services in the UK.

The objectives will be:

  • To identify the current body of knowledge on the organisation and delivery of diabetes services in the following areas: - Patient education and self-care support. - Workforce development and innovation. - The management of high risk populations. - Specific care models for: pregnant women; older people; children and adolescents; and people with mental health and/or intellectual impairment. - Service structures. - Patient participation.
  • To identify gaps in current knowledge and research activity in the organisation and delivery of diabetes services.
  • To set out strategies to show how those gaps might be addressed.
  • To identify ways in which current service models in diabetes might be transferred to other chronic diseases.
  • To canvass a wide range of opinion from both professional and service user populations.  

The scoping exercise will comprise three integrated elements:

  • A wide ranging literature review;
  • A strategic networking exercise;
  • A consensus conference.  

The literature review and networking exercise will be parallel activities. The consensus conference will be used to validate and extend the findings of the literature review and networking exercise. There will be a strong focus on stakeholder participation in the scoping to capture and represent a wide range of views on the priorities for service organisation in diabetes. Patient accounts and experiences will be represented throughout the scoping, together with concrete examples of service organisation and development in diabetes.