Long term monitoring of health inequalities. March 2017 report

Scottish Government
Scottish Government
Publication date:
28 March 2017


This report presents a range of indicators selected in order to monitor health inequalities over time. With the exception of the healthy birthweight indicator, significant health inequalities persist for each indicator covered in the report. The indicators monitored by this report series are:

  • Healthy Life Expectancy
  • Premature Mortality from all causes (aged under 75 years)
  • Mental Wellbeing of adults (aged 16 )
  • Coronary Heart Disease: first ever hospital admission for heart attack (aged under 75 years)
  • Coronary Heart Disease: deaths (aged 45-74 years)
  • Cancer: incidence (aged under 75 years)
  • Cancer: deaths (aged 45-74 years)
  • Alcohol: first hospital admissions (aged under 75 years)
  • Alcohol-related deaths (aged 45-74 years)
  • All-cause mortality (aged 15-44 years)
  • Low birthweight
  • Healthy birthweight
  • Self-assessed health of adults (aged 16 )
  • Limiting long-term conditions amongst adults (aged 16 )