The missing million : pathways back into employment

International Longevity Centre UK - ILCUK
International Longevity Centre - UK (ILC-UK)
Publication date:
09 February 2015


The Missing Million: Pathways back into employment – the second in our series – examines the paths that older people take as they seek re-employment, shedding light on these journeys and identifying the predominant obstacles and barriers that continue to keep labour force participation so low among people aged 50 in the UK.

The first report in our series, The Missing Million: Illuminating the employment challenges of the over 50s, highlighted the large number of people aged 50-64 who are out of work involuntarily – pushed out through a combination of redundancy, ill health, or early retirement. This sizable cohort is still willing to work yet are prevented from doing so. And while this early exit can be of great cost to the individuals in terms of lost earnings, savings, and social connections, it also represents a waste of talent, skills, and expertise that could be of great economic and social benefit. But what is needed to help older people return to work after they find themselves jobless?