Toolkit for monitoring and evaluation of interventions for sex workers

World Health Organization
World Health Organization (WHO)
Publication date:
16 December 2009


This toolkit focuses on Female Sex Workers (FSWs) and targeted interventions. Many of the interventions can be adapted to address the needs within the Male Sex Worker community as well.

This toolkit aims to demonstrate how a small number of recommended indicators can provide critical information to guide interventions. These tools can be used at different levels of management to track the progress of a programme and focus efforts on achieving targets. Special attention is paid to how data can be used by on-site managers to help them make periodic decisions.

The intended audience for this toolkit includes project directors or project managers of sites, monitoring and evaluation officers from nongovernmental organizations, state/provincial health officers and national monitoring and evaluation officers.

The aim of the interventions in general is to prevent HIV transmission, increase condom use and thereby decrease the burden of STIs.