Inhalers for asthma for use by people aged 17 years and over.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - NICE
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE);OptionGrid
Publication date:
04 April 2019


This patient decision aid is designed to help people with asthma and their healthcare professional discuss the different inhaler devices that are available to them. It is intended to be used by adults aged 17 years and over. 

This decision aid is not an evaluation of the medicines or devices available. It does not provide guidance on the choice of medicine – this should be discussed and decided prior to using the aid. It is designed to supplement the interaction between the person and their healthcare professional, rather than replace it. Decisions on treatment in asthma should be based on clinical need and the person’s ability to use the device.


Asthma affects the airways and can make it difficult to breathe. It may cause symptoms such as chest tightness, wheeziness or coughing. Inhalers are devices that deliver a medicine into the lungs to help with the symptoms of asthma. There are different types of medicines available. Your healthcare professional will discuss with you which medicine is recommended for you. Once you know which medicine you are using, this patient decision aid will help you and your healthcare professional decide which inhaler you might like to try.