Cardio-Oncology: vascular and metabolic perspectives: a Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association

American Heart Association
American Heart Association
Publication date:
21 February 2019


Cardio-oncology has developed as a new discipline within cardiovascular medicine as a result of cardiac and vascular adverse sequelae of major advances in cancer treatment.

Patients with cancer and cancer survivors are at increased risk of vascular disease for a number of reasons.

  • Many new cancer therapies, including several targeted therapies, are associated with vascular and metabolic complications.
  • Cancer itself serves as a risk factor for vascular disease, especially by increasing the risk for thromboembolic events.
  • Recent data suggests that common modifiable and genetic risk factors predispose to both malignancies and cardiovascular disease.

Vascular complications in patients with cancer represent a new challenge for the clinician and a new frontier for research and investigation which is best addressed by a multidisciplinary approach in which cardiovascular medicine specialists and vascular biologists work closely with oncologists in the care of patients with cancer and cancer survivors.