Population health framework for healthcare providers

NHS Providers
NHS Providers
Publication date:
14 June 2019


This framework sets out principles for a population health approach that can be taken by NHS provider organisations, working as part of an integrated health and care system. It has been developed by the Provider Public Health Network, a group of public health professionals who work in or closely with NHS provider organisations.

Since the 2012 Health and Social Care Act there may have been a reduction in the involvement of many NHS organisations in population health activity, as noted in the Health Select Committee review in 2016.1 In the context of the renewed system wide focus on prevention in the NHS long term plan,2 the attached framework is intended to help NHS trusts review, describe, prioritise and further develop their contributions to population health, and contribute to the increasingly integrated approaches to the planning and delivery of care. It also includes case studies which demonstrate how some of these approaches have worked in practice.

Many of these activities are already taking place in NHS trusts to some extent. This framework can help trusts consider their approach to population health systematically, but it should be noted that it is not intended as a performance management framework. It covers five areas of healthcare providers’ work.