Diabetes action plan 2010 : quality care for diabetes in Scotland

Scottish Government
Scottish Government
Publication date:
20 August 2010


This diabetes action plan was informed by a consultation process undertaken between June and August 2009. The 'Better diabetes care' consultation document was widely distributed and made available online. The Scottish Diabetes Group (SDG), also provided funding to Diabetes UK Scotland to drive the consultation process through a national survey of people living with diabetes and a series of local and national events. Implementation of this Action Plan depends on continued collaboration between all groups within the diabetes community and interactions with other national and international organisations.

The action plan contributes to the Scottish Government's quality strategy, which sets out the measurable and achievable actions that relate to the key drivers of healthcare quality. Each of the actions set out within this plan contains an indication of the 'dimensions of quality' to which it relates, in terms of the care of people with diabetes.


The action plan includes the following sections:

1. Introduction

2. Maintaining Health and Wellbeing - Improving the health of people with diabetes in Scotland and reducing health inequalities

3. Quality Healthcare for All - Improving the quality of healthcare and healthcare experience and developing a mutual NHS - offering the people with diabetes in Scotland a world-class service and a stronger voice in service improvement

4. Value - Maximising the value of our investment in health services in Scotland

5. Integration - Integrating health, care and other services

6. Conclusion

Appendix 1 - Consultation responses
Appendix 2 - Table of NHS Boards' planned investment in insulin pump therapy


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