Self-evaluation of adult support and protection activity in Scotland : resource handbook

Scottish Government
Scottish Government
Publication date:
31 May 2011


Supporting and protecting adults at risk of harm in Scotland has gained increasing prominence following the implementation in October 2008 of the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007. The nature of such safeguarding is a complex process with many facets. These include not only the duty to support and protect individuals from harm through effective interventions, but also the training of a wide range of relevant, and potentially relevant, staff, and the necessity of developing coordinated inter-agency collaboration within an appropriate framework of governance.

This complexity necessitates very extensive audit and self-evaluation processes and coverage, and the material contained in this handbook reflects the breadth and depth of such activity. While some inter-agency adult protection partnerships have found it possible to self-evaluate across all six quality indicators, others have used particular indicators to explore areas of immediate concern and relevance to their work. We therefore emphasise that use of the present material may well be selective with specific concerns being addressed at a given point in time. Alternatively, the full scope of the material may be explored over a period of time.