[PDF] Diabetes UK position on the withdrawal of bovine insulin

Diabetes UK
Diabetes UK
Publication date:
21 August 2018


Updated position statement on the withdrawal of bovine insulin. Bovine insulin preparations are being withdrawn from the end of 2017, due to limited availability of the active ingredient. People treated with Bovine Insulin, will still continue to require insulin therapy and will therefore need to be changed to an alternative. They are in a high risk group as they are likely to be from an older population with longer duration of diabetes and therefore have absolute insulin deficiency. They will be at risk of impaired hypoglycaemia awareness, predisposing severe hypoglycaemia. Alternative insulins (porcine, human and analogues) are likely to lower glucose more than the same dose of bovine insulin making insulin dose titration difficult and unpredictable. Caution during transition of insulin treatment is paramount.