National audit of inpatient falls. Audit report 2015

Royal College of Physicians of London - RCP
Royal College of Physicians (RCP)
Publication date:
08 October 2015


Inpatient falls are common and remain a great challenge for the NHS. Falls in hospital are the most commonly reported patient safety incidents, with more than 240,000 reported in acute hospitals and mental health trusts in England and Wales every year (that is over 600 a day). 

The audit was created to measure against the NICE guidance on falls assessment and prevention (NICE clinical guidance 161 (CG161)) and other patient safety guidance on preventing falls in hospital. It was open to all acute hospitals in England and Wales. It aims to provide some evidence of quality improvement activities in the care of older patients in hospital who are at risk of falling and to help to identify areas of good practice, as well as areas for improvement. The set of indicators used in the audit can help to support hospitals to monitor their progress locally, regionally and over time.