[PDF] Medium and low secure forensic wards

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland
Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland
Publication date:
30 August 2017


This is the first Scotland-wide report on medium and low security forensic wards. It has positive findings related to staff and to patient care, but it highlights concerns over delays in patients moving on from medium and low security wards.

The Commission visited all 46 wards across the country - 14 of which are for medium secure patients, the remainder being low secure - and reviewed the care of 165 patients. The report found that risk assessment, care planning, and access to advocacy was good. Most patients spoke well of their care and treatment, and of the staff who cared for them. However, the Commission also found that there were patients in Scotland's medium secure units who had successfully appealed against the level of security in which they were held and were waiting to move on, but there were frustrations at the length of time this takes.