·         Both NICE and SIGN guidance recommend that insulin pumps be seen as a routine clinical option in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes in many adults and children.

·         There is evidence to suggest that insulin pump therapy helps both adults and children with diabetes to improve HBA1c,reduce hypoglycaemia and manage their blood glucose levels in the long-term

·         Although NICE and SIGN guidelines set out standards for both adults and children as to who could benefit from an insulin pump, variation exists as to the uptake of insulin pumps around the UK

·         Insulin pump therapy should be offered to all adults and children with Type 1 diabetes who could benefit from it

·         Awareness of insulin pump therapy should be raised among people with Type 1 diabetes, their families and healthcare professionals

·         Appropriately trained teams of healthcare professionals in both paediatric and adult diabetes services should be available in all areas to identify suitable patients, initiate and support insulin pump therapy

·         Local arrangements should be put in place to support the development of local insulin pump centres

·         Insulin pump centres should maintain comprehensive patient records and participate fully in national audits