Building tech-powered public services

Institute for Public Policy Research
Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)
Publication date:
10 December 2013


Given the rapid pace of technological change and take-up by the public, it is a question of when not if public services become 'tech-powered'. This new paper asks how we can ensure that innovations are successfully introduced and deployed. Can technology improve the experience of people using public services, or does it simply mean job losses and a depersonalised offer to users?   Could tech-powered public services be an affordable, sustainable solution to some of the challenges of these times of austerity?   This report looks at 20 case studies of digital innovation in public services, using these examples to explore the impact of new and disruptive technologies. It considers how tech-powered public services can be delivered, focusing on the area of health and social care in particular.   We identify three key benefits of increasing the role of technology in public services: saving time, boosting user participation, and encouraging users to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.