Diagnosis, staging and treatment of patients with breast cancer: National Clinical Guideline No. 7

Department of Health Ireland (An Roinn Slainte)
Department of Health Ireland (An Roinn Slainte)
Publication date:
01 June 2015


In 2006, the second national cancer strategy, A Strategy for Cancer Control in Ireland (DoHC, 2006), advocated a comprehensive cancer control programme. It was recommended that national site-specific multidisciplinary groups be convened to develop national evidence-based clinical guidelines for cancer care. The principal objective of developing these guidelines is to improve the quality of care received by patients. Other objectives include: • Improvements in the quality of clinical decisions, • Improvement in patient outcomes, • Potential for reduction in morbidity and mortality and improvement in quality of life, • Promotion of interventions of proven benefit and discouragement of ineffective ones, and • Improvements in the consistency and standard of care.