[PDF] Tissue pathways for endocrine pathology

Royal College of Pathologists - RCPATH
Royal College of Pathologists
Publication date:
01 April 2019


This document provides guidance on the specimen handling and reporting of non-cancer specimens from thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. For endocrine tumours in particular, the diagnosis of malignancy may not have been made at the time of tissue resection, and this must be considered when the tissue is examined and sampled for histology. It is therefore essential that pathologists are also familiar with the corresponding endocrine cancer datasets.

The previous version of Tissue Pathways in Endocrine Pathology was published in 2012; this has now been revised to ensure that all recommendations are up to date and that the document complies with the tissue pathway series. In addition to updating references to more recently published guidelines, guidance is included on dealing with thyroid core biopsies.