[PDF] Navigating the uncharted waters : population ageing in the UK

International Longevity Centre UK - ILCUK
International Longevity Centre - UK (ILC-UK)
Publication date:
19 July 2019


In this short paper, the authors implicitly draw attention to a deep paradox. The facts may be simple – there are more older people and the average age of society is increasing. However, the policy response needed is broad and nuanced. It is about redesigning policy and institutions to support both a shift in the population’s age structure and a shift in how individuals live their lives. The report also highlights how the ageing society agenda is about a lot more than just health. How we age also depends on work and working conditions, our environment and community, and a host of broader factors. Successful implementation of the “comprehensive, multifaceted portfolio of solutions” recommended by the authors will require substantial coordination across diverse government departments.