[PDF] Appropriate prescribing of psychotropic medication for non-cognitive symptoms in people with dementia National Clinical Guideline No. 21

Department of Health Ireland (An Roinn Slainte)
Department of Health Ireland (An Roinn Slainte)
Publication date:
01 December 2019


Using this National Clinical Guideline This National Clinical Guideline applies to people with dementia of any age, and of any type, and in any setting. However, most evidence is based on common dementia types, particularly Alzheimer’s dementia; this needs to be borne in mind by the user when applying the evidence to other dementia types. Clinicians’ attention is also drawn to the fact that many psychotropic medications are used “off label” for people with dementia, particularly antipsychotic medication. While this is not prohibited by medicine regulations, it does require particular caution by the prescriber. This National Clinical Guideline is relevant to all doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health and social care professionals working in acute, community or residential care settings in Ireland who provide care to people with dementia.