What are the best ways to ensure that people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) receive essential palliative and end of life care transition to palliative care and when should a "just in case kit" be considered?

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I feel it important to enable people with MND (for example) and other rarer and rapidly progressing conditions to gain access to palliaitive care as early as possible, long before the person is nearing the end of their life
People living with MND can deteriorate quickly, so judging when the 'just in case kit' should be considered can be tricky. When is the optimum time and who is the best professional to raise the matter with appropriate clinician?
Why is there no fast track system for putting in place support, equipment etc for people with rapidly progressing conditions such as bulbar onset MND?

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Patient Satisfaction; health related quality of life; health related cost; timing of introduction of palliative care; quality of care

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