What are the pros and cons of withdrawing MST (morphine sulphate) in people at the end of life?

Record type Uncertainties identified from carers' questions
Source James Lind Alliance Palliative and end of life care Priority Setting Partnership
Why is there uncertainty? No relevant systematic reviews identified

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This uncertainty was identified by three carer's and one bereaved carer's question

This is an indicative uncertainty and the following submissions were merged to form this one:
Does morphine always change the patient's character?
Recently she has been prescribed MST for a wedge fracture. At the moment is decreasing MST but this feels very unsupported as no real advice on possible withdrawal side effects.

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None identified

What is needed? Systematic Reviews
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Which health conditions? Service delivery, organisation and staffing | Palliative and end of life care
What is person's age? Adult
Which types of treatments? Mixed or complex

Which Outcomes

Health related quality of life, good death, Change in symptoms or change in management of symptoms, adverse effects or complications

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