Is care from specialist dementia nurses provided to people with dementia at home effective in supporting people with dementia and their families to maintain quality of care and quality of life at all stages of the disease?

Record type Uncertainties identified from carers' questions
Source Dementia - A JLA Priority Setting Partnership
Why is there uncertainty? No relevant systematic reviews identified

Original Uncertainty

This is an indicative uncertainty. This or a similar uncertainty was submitted the following number of times in the survey, and by these different groups: 4 submissions?;

2 x health or care professional; 2 x partner/relative or family carer of a person with dementia

References to reliable up-to-date systematic reviews:

None identified

What is needed? Systematic Reviews
Systematic reviews that need updating or extending None identified
Systematic reviews in preparation None identified
Ongoing controlled trials None identified


Which health conditions? Mental health | Dementia | Service delivery, organisation and staffing
What is person's age? Adult
Which types of treatments? Prognosis | Service delivery | Social care

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Record ID: Publication date:29 Oct 2015
Last reviewed date:29 Oct 2016 Publication Type:Known Uncertainty
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