Alprazolam for essential tremor

Record type Uncertainties identified in research recommendations
Source Cochrane Movement Disorders Group
Why is there uncertainty? Reliable up-to-date systematic reviews have revealed important continuing uncertainties about treatment effects

Original Uncertainty

Implications for Research Assessment of foreseen effectiveness of alprazolam in ET treatment is worth further investigation to enrich the limited and challenging field of ET treatment options. Focus on long-term efficacy and safety of alprazolam is particularly required for a complete evaluation of the risk-benefit linked to use of this agent for patients with a 'chronic disease' such as ET. Future RCTs should be particularly focused on evaluation of tolerance and dependence.

References to reliable up-to-date systematic reviews:

Bruno E, Nicoletti A, Quattrocchi G, Filippini G, Zappia M, Colosimo C. Alprazolam for essential tremor. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2015, Issue 12. Art. No.: CD009681. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD009681.pub2

What is needed? Further research
Systematic reviews that need updating or extending None identified
Systematic reviews in preparation None identified
Ongoing controlled trials None identified


Which health conditions? Musculoskeletal diseases | Neurological conditions
What is person's age? Adult
Which types of treatments? Drug

Which Outcomes

Change in essential tremor (tremor severity), or change in management of symptoms; adverse effects or complications (sedation, constipation, dry mouth); patient satisfaction; health related quality of life; service related issues; and health related cost

Record ID: Publication date:10 Mar 2016
Last reviewed date:10 Mar 2017 Publication Type:Known Uncertainty
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