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  • Thyroid Lumps including Goitre

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    Most thyroid lumps are benign but 5% are malignant and it is important to distinguish this sinister minority. Learn more about thyroid lumps
  • Tinnitus

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    Tinnitus is the perception of sound originating from within the head rather than from the external world. More about tinnitus
  • Vasculitis

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    Vasculitis is a term used to describe a series of conditions in which there is inflammation of the blood vessels. Vasculitis can be primary (occurring...
  • Oesophageal Cancer

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    Carcinoma of the oesophagus is a common, aggressive tumour. Several histological types are seen, almost all of which are epithelial in origin. The vast...
  • Pleural Effusion Aspiration

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    Synonym: thoracentesis, pleural tap This article should be read in conjunction with the separate article Pleural Effusion . Percutaneous pleural effusion ...
  • Pneumonia

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    There are separate articles on Aspiration Pneumonia , Pneumocystis Jirovecii Pneumonia and Lower Respiratory Tract Infection in Children. Discover Pneumonia Symptoms.
  • Paget's Disease of Bone

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    Synonym: osteitis deformans Sir James Paget described Paget's disease of bone in 1877. There is increased bone turnover in focal areas of the skeleton...
  • Pneumothorax

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    A pneumothorax refers to a collection of air in the pleural cavity (between the lung and the chest wall) resulting in collapse of the lung on the affected ...
  • Polyarteritis Nodosa

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    This was the first vasculitis, originally described in 1866. The term polyarteritis nodosa (PAN) was adopted in 1992. About Polyarteritis Nodosa.
  • Hip Dislocations

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    The hip joint is formed between the 'ball' of the femoral head and the 'socket' of the acetabulum and a cartilaginous labrum. Strong supporting muscles,...
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